Monday, June 18, 2007

wow......flashback's can be freaky

Here's a great shot of my sister, her hubby and me. Got to love the 80's sweater and the hat. In the words of someone who's in jail and shall not be named....That's HOT !

This was at someone's wedding and I'm dancing with my brother in law, Stanton. I'm about 13 in this picture.
Here's my senior photos. Freaky and not even real's hard to see it but the earrings I'm wearing in the sweater photo are little aligators....I loved anything preppy or Don Johnson'ish !

This is me about age 10 or 11...... I was with my friend Tricia. I think these hats were my sisters and brother in laws. They used to go out country dancing......


La Flor said...

your pictures from old days are always fun

Vicki said...

I LOVE all your old photos! The cowboy hats are great! I am thinking Wolfie looks a little like you in that picture! Lucky!

Your senior pictures are awesome!