Sunday, June 03, 2007


It's been a long but great weekend! Actually I should say it's been a long week. Besides working there's been a ton of things to take care of. It was the last week of school, last week of girl scout brownies, getting teacher gifts, forgetting to get 700 Popsicles for field day at school, basketball practice, lots of trips to Wal Mart, basketball scrimmage, getting the house ready for a graduation party, brownie girl scout swim party, 6th grade promotion, last day at work for a wonderful friend at work, birthday parties this weekend, niece graduation, goodbye party sat night for work friend and then we come to exhaustion.

I sleep in till about 8AM and then blogged on the computer for a few hours.....I went back to sleep till around 1:30 PM and could of keep sleeping no problem. The kids wants to go to the Davis Arboretum and have a bit of a picnic. Then Wolfie had a few friends come over and swim and I decided that I really wanted to just veg so I put on my suit and layed by the pool while the swimming went on. It was so nice to just listen to my body and take it easy.

Around 6:00 PM Wolfie asked "Are we still going to Davis ?" Ummm no...sorry son!!! Then Rob came up with a great idea to take the kids to see Pirates 3 at the movies. I have to say I did like the movie. It had some great lines and both the kids loved it.

So it's back to the busy life of being a mom on Monday......but that's's what I do!!

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