Monday, June 04, 2007

local shout-out

There is a local photographer here in my town that's amazing.....I really admire her work and someday really want her to get pic's of my kids together. You can check out her "photography blog" and see why her photos rock. She's got a great eye for what works and you have to love her famous shadow shot!!!!!

I love to check out her slideshows and get an eye for how she likes to take photos. She's taken photos of lots of our friends and just amazing talent right here in our sure to bookmark the blog and check back often.

Check her out and have fun with all the slideshows!!!!!


Stanley's Friends said...

Okay, there is one photo on her site that made me crack up. Check my blog to see which one!

DANCE_4_LIFE said...

My dance studio gets our pictures from there for our recital costumes.