Thursday, June 14, 2007

great movie

Last night I finally sat down and put this movie in. I really liked it. It was a great little story and just right for the mood I was in. Rarely do I watch a movie that's got a great ending. Sometimes I just want a movie to end with a happy ending and not too much drama. Is that too much to ask ? LOL Notting Hill had a perfect ending for me.

I love how at the very end of the movie they are sitting on the bench in that lovely neighborhoos garden. She is pregnant and you can tell they are together and going to live happily ever after. I will be honest since the movie came out in 1999 I compare most movie endings to Notting Hill. I want completion of the characters and to see they are fine and in love. Of course real life can't be like this all the time so why not expect it in the movies? I have high hopes.

Jack Black's character was sweet and he wasn't too over the top in his usual "FUNNY AS ALL GET OUT STYLE" We love Jack Black around my house. Kate Winslet is always sweet and cute. Cameron Diaz bugs me just a bit and Jude Law was adorable in this movie. One of my favorite scenes is in the tent with Cameron, Jude and his sweet!!!!!

So go rent it if you haven't seen it yet!!!! I think I may even buy it......It will sit next to Notting Hill on the shelf.......

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