Tuesday, June 05, 2007

my job

I love my job.....I get to work with people like this.......totally cool and hilarious!!!!!!
She leaves me "love notes" and seriously makes me laugh.....I didn't think I would meet anyone as random, funny and filled with a greater purpose than her.......but I did.....I met her!!!!!!

Then you meet someone totally rocking and they get a new job and leave you in the cubicle all alone........in the fetal position.......life is much quieter at work.......but no need to really say goodbye thanks to the magic of e-mail and cell phones ! Geez people it's not like she's leaving the state or anything....well right now at least........

This was at Sonja's good bye party last weekend. We hit the downtown and WOW was it dead. I was hoping I could show the out of towners a good time with all the crowds but I think that graduation weekend keep everyone busy and out of the downtown. It was still fun and we ended up in a local county place with a great band playing.

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Anonymous said...

we are total gangsters. you are totally amazing and i adore you to infinity and beyond.