Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live blogging from my garage sale......

Okay so it's Saturday morning around 9AM and I just had to take the MacBook out with me.....The crowd has died down and I have a pocket of dollar bills. It really amazes me the questions that people ask while at a garage sale. They ask "How much are the clothes" Well first of all people it's a garage how much could the clothes possible be priced at ? It's not like it's the Nordstrom Rack people.....more like the A. Street Rack.......So get your handfull of clothes, bring them up to the table and we will figure something out.

Also 25¢ for a t-shirt is too much!!! That's the feedback I got. Well maybe they should head out to Old Navy and try to get a shirt on their clearance rack for a quarter.......think that will happen?

We have lots of fun stories from garage sales. Rob's mom used to have garage sales here at our house for her PEO group. One time a guy brought a DVD player back cause it didn't work. So Rob's mom's group had already cleared out and left for the day. This guy comes back and is yelling at Rob and I about it not working. We "tried" to let him know that it wasn't our garage sale and sorry. He ended up throwing it on the ground in front of my kids and yelling. Rob got in his face and I thought fist's were gonna fly. Rob forbid the guy from ever coming back and he never has.

It's also kinda funny when you tell someone "Yeah that's a 25¢" and even that's too much for them....they pull a nickel out of their pocket and hold it out to you.....Okay people a FREAKIN NICKLE ????? Then at that time I end up rasing the price to $1.00. I KID YOU NOT!!!!!!!

So normally by the time the sale is over this is how I look......

Still smiling cause my pocket is full of money from peddling my stuff on the corner, a headache from getting up so early, water or soda....and I can't wait to get a nap in!!!!

Hope you all have a great Saturday!!!!!!!

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Vicki said...

You guys must have done a great job peddling your stuff! I usually end up with a pocket full of change! I just can't believe you would actually charge someone a whole 25 cents for a shirt! LOL!