Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Make Your Own Pizza Night

Well here at our house tonight it was make your own pizza night. Rob stopped by the store on the way home for the fixins. (Thanks Hon !) The kids loved it and it's great to get them involved in the kitchen. Actually it's great to get myself involved in the kitchen because most of my RL (real life friends) know that I don't enjoy or really like taking the time to cook.

Here is Lexi going for it ! The girl loves pizza and had a great time putting her
masterpiece together!

Wofie with the cheese from his mouth to his pizza ! Got to love that !

Rob of course had the fanciest pizza out of all of us! Along with his Hangtime Chard......

Rob took a picture of me instead of the arms length photo......Some of you may wonder why my white "bra" straps are always out but they are undershirts I it's not bra straps hanging's like the layered look.....LOL

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