Tuesday, September 04, 2007

a big blur

We had a great weekend.......it was filled with wine by the pool, pizza at Round Table, walking to Trina's "court to be" and seeing if the house was move in ready yet, kids all over the house, swimming, multiple trips to Safeway and WalMart, BBQ, floating, lots of laundry, tubing on Berryessa at 9pm at night, with no glasses on, and praying Lou does not flip Lorraine and I off, naps, waking up early, my new Palm Treo Phone (Yeeeee), my kids fighting bad, packing up video games that they can't play for a while, homework, night swimming, In N Out Burger at 10 PM and watching a possible fight in the works and one of the best things of the weekend.....ROCKING Pina Coladas.......ROCK ON PINA!!!!!

Now it's back to work...back to reality....How about you ? Did you have a nice weekend ?


Roberta/SAHMmie said...

I swear, Steph - a long weekend at your house would wreck me for a WEEK! (gg) We were SO low key here - Laura had work Sat. morning, and I helped fit marching band uniforms. Sunday church & our "big girls" came over with their furry monsters for BBQ - so fun to have them come over! Monday was sleeping in, shopping w/Ken, movies and knitting -- Laura spent most of the day watching ANTM (America's Next Top Model) - she loves that show! So - no hangover or sleep deprivation for me! Gotta hit WW this morning before work, too -

Lorraine said...

Wow what an exciting weekend!! I'm glad you guys fit us in somewhere. Have to do that again soon, before the summer's over. I think that a big fight at In & Out would have just ended the weekend perfectly, Oh well. Have a nice work week.