Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Do You Know the 80's ?

Here's the test (answers and scoring below):

1.The two most important Corey's in the 80's are________?
2."Take On Me" is a song by________?
3.Name 3 movies Molly Ringwald was in the 80's
4.Name 1 movie Jennifer Beals was in the 80's
5.Who does the number 867-5309 belong to?
6.Jo and Blair belong to which 80's TV show?
7.Name 1 of Alex P.Keaton's siblings
8.Name 2 movies Anthony Michael Hall was in the 80's
9.Name 3 members of the A-Team
10.The lead singer of the Culture Club is_________?
11.What is Blondie's real name?
12.Gargamel's trusty feline sidekick is________?
13.Who played Axel Foley?
14.David Lee Roth was replaced by who as the lead singer in Van
15.Who wanted us to "Whip It"?
16.Complete this phrase "Now I know, and knowing_______?"
17.What 2 movies did Kenny Loggins write the main theme for?
18.Name 2 movies Kevin Bacon was in the 80's
19.What was the Flashdancer's day job?
20.Name 3 "Weird"Al Yankovic songs from the 80's
21.What was the name & occupation that Ferris Bueller used to get
into the fancy resturaunt?
22.What is an Atari?
23.Do you know all the words to REM's "It's the End of the World"?
24.Do you know who sang "Puttin On The Ritz"?
25.Who sang "Celebration"?
26.Which movie does "High Tower" belong to?
27.Name the other member of Wham!?
28.Who was He-Man's nemesis?
29.Who was the male lead in Tron?
30.Name two crew members of the Love Boat?
31.Finish the title to this popular 80's TV show:"You can't do
32.Who got into their car through the windows?
33.Name 3 Scooby Doo characters
34.What does K.I.T.T. stand for?
35.Who played Merlin in Top Gun?
36.Name 2 80's movies Madonna was in
37.Name 3 songs off of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" albumn
38.Name 3 songs off of Madonna's "Like A Virgin" albumn
39.What is Ferris Bueller's best friend's name?
40.Who was in the main event at the 1st Wrestlemania?
41.What were the names of the two rich guys in "Pretty in Pink"?
42.What movie was the song "In Your Eyes" in?
43.Who was the president for most of the decade?
44.What movie is the phrase "oily beau hunk" from?
45.Name 4 movies Tom Cruise was in the 80's
46.What is the name of the guitar player in U2?
47.Spandau Ballet is:
a)a type of dance that was popular in the 80's
b)an 80's rock group
c)a garmet that ballet dancers wear
48.The line: "This information cannot leave this room. It would
devastate my rep as a dude." is from what movie?
49.Who is the drummer for Genesis?
50.The movies Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Indiana Jones and the Temple
Doom, and the Karate Kid all came out in what year?

The Answers
1.Corey Haim and Corey Feldman (bonus points if you can name a
movie they starred in together.....The Lost Boys, License to Drive,
3.Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, etc...
6.The Facts Of Life
7.Malory, Jennifer, oops can't remember the little boy's name!
8.The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Sixteen Candles, ect...
9.BA Barackus, Face, Murdock, Hannibal
10.Boy George
11.Debbie Harry
13.Eddie Murphy (Beverly Hills Cop)
14.Sammy Hagar
16."...is half the battle" (G.I.Joe)
17.Footloose & Top Gun
18.Footloose, Quicksilver, Diner, etc....
20.Eat it, Like a Surgeon, I Love Rocky Road, Fat, etc...
21.Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago
22.A video game system
23.(I'm not gonna list them all here, you'll just have to be honest)
25.Kool & The Gang
26.Police Academy
27.Andrew Ridgley
29.Jeff Bridges
30.Captain Stubing, Isaac, Gopher, Doc Bricker, Julie, Vicki (bonus
points for naming Ace, the photographer in the last season)
31."...on television" (Nickelodeon, where Alanis Morissette got her start)
32.The Dukes of Hazard
33.Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne & Velma
34.Knight Industries Two Thousand
35.Tim Robbins
36.Desperatly Seeking Susan, Who's That Girl, Shanghai Surprise,
(bonus points for naming her cameo in Vision Quest)
37.Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, P.Y.T., etc...
38.Like A Virgin, Material Girl, Into The Groove, Dress You Up, etc...
39.Cameron Frye
40.Hulk Hogan & Mr.T vs. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper & "Mr.Wonderful" Paul
41.Blaine & Stephan
42.Say Anything...
43.Ronald Reagan
44.Sixteen Candles
45.Top Gun, Risky Business, All The Right Moves, Color Of Money, The
Outsiders, etc....
46.The Edge
48.Sixteen Candles
49.Phil Collins
50.1984 (maybe the best year of the decade!)

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