Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I had Monday off work (due to working on Sunday) and it was nice to be able to leave Rob at home, working on the yard and the pool ,and have some fun. Of course little Bella Blu was at home with Rob to keep him company !

I met Tam and Kendall at the Grad in Davis for lunch. Kendall was super funny and loves to just laugh back at me when I say something to her. We tried to go shopping and for the most part she's was really good. Till she saw the Gummy Bear display. Then all heck broke loose ! LOL Not really but it was fun to just say. She's a whirling dervish of motion and I love this pic of her below because that's what it's like to try and capture a one year old.

After school the "L" family stopped by to pick up Con and got to meet Bella. Run over to their blog and check out what's happening in their crib.

The rest of the day was a blur with a little bit of spooky Halloween shopping, laundry, blogging, cleaning, basketball try outs, grocery shopping, homework, more laundry and getting sucked into watching the HILLS. Okay thanks Vicki. Seriously I can't even do anything else while watching this show. I was standing in front of my tv, in the bedroom, last night and was paralyzed for fear I would miss something. Could it be my fascination of LA and this show takes place right in the center of my obsession ? Maybe.....but come on what's going on with Lauren and Brody ? They just need to get together already......

Okay it's Tuesday now and back to work...........

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