Thursday, October 25, 2007


Bella has moved right in. Right into my space on the bed. She made herself at home last night on my pillow. She's a funny looking little dog but sweet and cool !!!! She's like a baby at night. We put her in Lexi's bed with her, tuck them both in, and she stays there all night long. Then in the morning you go and get her and take her out to potty. She won't get down from the bed till you go in and get her. Just like a little baby !!!

We have been sure to give Lucy lots of love still. Bella and Lucy were playing last night out on the grass, running and playing and they were both exhausted when done. I will have to try and get it on film. Max never played with Lucy like that so it took Lucy a few tries to get it right !!
Hope you all have a great Thursay !!! I watched my Private Practice on TIVO last night. I love that show. Really cute !! Was the Bachelor on this week or did "someone" accidently delete it ?

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3boysmom said...

aawww...very cute! Bella is such a little lover :-)

Bachelor...on....was good! I still have it, so come on over!