Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We had a great run here in Northern California of warm weather. It really only started to get chilly here at the end of November. Although last night when I was making a little delivery of "wine/grape love" to our neighbors I had on flip flops and Capri's. So cold is in the eye/body of each person. I found these pics on my computer when trying to file all my photos. After my photo sessions this weekend I downloaded about 600 photos !!! My sweet little laptop about blew up !! I need to get better about sorting, saving, backing up and organizing my photos. Here is some summer warmth from the Auberts boat this summer. I believe JK took them using a Nikon D40. Great shots !!!

I love the genuine laughter on Wolfie's face here. Of course there is tons of laughing
when you get all these boys together !!!!

Hope it's a little warm where you are and if it's not.....start a fire !!!!

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