Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday Fun !

I got to borrow Kim (She RAWKS !) Nikon for the day to shoot "The Beans" family Christmas card photo. I also took pics of my kiddos. It was so fun going downtown where the textures and colors are super cool in places and on walls. I also ran into a cool hometown photographer "Rose Photography" and finally introduced myself. We were both at the local park with "clients". Well hers were clients and mine at the time were my son and nephew. We were going to have to arm wrestle for the use of this bridge. :-)

Then after heading downtown again for the 2nd time on Sunday I ran into Rose again. I was laughing because I was using the back of her photography studio for my background. Now of course it's a public place and I can do that but it was just kinda funny cause she had just taken some photos a few weeks ago back there and posted them on her photo blog. Why re-invent the wheel when someone else has already done such a great job ? How do you feel when someone imitates you ?

Imitation is one of the biggest forms of flattery and we had this "teachable moment" last night with the kids. Lexi wanted to sign up for Club Penguin and play like Wolfie plays on it. He was all upset that she was copying him. I think it's when you get older you can see imitation for what it's worth. It's a huge compliment I think. Coming from a true friend It can be a sweet gesture of love. I can think of lots of things I have imitated from paint colors, purses, shoes and photo locations ! I'm not sure the teachable moment got through to my son but maybe one day he will see it for what it is.

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