Thursday, November 22, 2007

t-minus turkey day

It's almost the end of Turkey Day ! We had a great relaxing morning. Although I had a leftover headache from the night before, it was gone by dinnertime. I really wanted to follow the Pioneer Woman Cooks mashed potato recipe and it came out delish !!

We went to Rob's parents house for the feast and it was kick back and mellow. Of course we had to start the feast with the new R family tradition ! Check back tomorrow and you will be able to see how we roll now before the fun starts !! I bet you can't wait to see huh ? Are you on pins and needles ? You should be !!!!

Hope you had a great holiday !!! I will leave you one more teaser shot of Turkey day ! I think we all know that around here it's more like "Pioneer Man Cooks" .......................

P.S. No games of Twister took place on this holiday but don't count out a new tradition to start on Christmas !! Thanks for the idea Tier One Friends ! :-)

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