Thursday, November 22, 2007

what are dogs thankful for ?

Lucy is thankful for a new playmate named Bella, being friends with our two cats, the towels and blanket I leave on the floor for her to sleep on next to my side of the bed, when Lexi lets her up on the bed and even helps her up, a fresh litter box hence why she's friends with the cats, wrestling with Bella, when someone comes home and she comes in the house, taking a walk, a good bone to chew on, sneaking up on the couch and not being told no, two meals a day and clean water and a family that loves her.

Bella is thankful for being rescued from a dirty and lonely place, a new family, a new friend named Lucy, two cats that she wants to chase but can't, walking all over the top of the couch, puppy chow, being little and carried all over, sleeping under the covers with mom, that she fits through the kitty door, running in the yard with Lucy, the walnuts on the ground to chew all day long, kids to play with, her doggie toys and a family that loves her.

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