Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Got a Napkin ?

So when you move to Napa there's a funny saying that your now a Napakin.....I think that's how it goes. Rob's boss and his family moved into a new home and had a housewarming party this last weekend. It was a super cute house, RAWKING backyard and don't ever underestimate the buttery, goodness of the wine that would be at a party in Napa !

We were able to take the kids and there were some other kids for them to play with. We knew some people from Rob's work and had some very nice conversations with them. I can't wait to see them again at Rob's holiday party coming up in a few weeks. We also met a few new people and it's fun to meet people that are living different live's than we live. That's why I like to get out of our small (but wonderful) town at times.

The kids were hungry when we left the party and we went through In N Out and had some fun. Here's some of the proof:

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