Thursday, January 31, 2008

gargantuan thursday

Welcome to Thursday blog readers !!!!  I welcome you with a cup of finely roasted Starbucks, French Vanilla creamer and a few minutes of surfing the internet.......A few random thoughts for the day: 

1)  Wink....I hope your able to get to work today and got your migraine meds back into your hands and hurting head !!! 

2)  Bean....I hope that your last day at your current job is SMOOTH and no one breaks out in a case of the Dysorexy.  

3)  Tam....You home from Pismo ?  What's shaking wit u ?  Are you ever gonna blog again ?  LOL 

4)  Alisa.....I hope that your knee feels better !!!  She told me last night that the dinners have been helping in monumental ways !!!!!  Way to go peeps....keeping the food chain flowing !   

5)  Vicki.....THANK you for being a "kick cookies" girl scout leader !!!! Lexi loves going !!!! 

6)  Deb.....KEEP Rocking the status quo !!!!  People this girl likes some FUNKY music.....It's FREAKISH how much our musical taste run parallel........good luck today on your de minimis injunction that you will be proposing in front of the Senate today.  Get your power suit ROCKIN !!!!   (AKA Power suit.....Uggs....Jeans....J Jill)    :-) 

7)  Donna.....How's life in the UC System lately ?  Let us know when you have a new driver in the house...officialy !!!!    

8)  DX3....keep it real on the base.....seriusly....pull that skull cap down and just rock the bridge and the that right ?  hahahaha   Don't forget the whammy bar !!!!  

9)  KIDS.....get your own blogs  !! Stop reading your moms blogs.....PSYCH !!!!!!!!!  I just kidding

10)  Lorraine.....are you ROCKIN the insurance industry today ?  Writing policies left and right ?  Saving people's souls ?  Keep it real on that side of town....sorry to take your lunch friend away....

11)  OMG there's an 11 ?  This is for Julie...the newest D. Town Revitializtion Project member ! 

Have a great day peeps.....oh spellcheck isn't working on blogger put your red pen away...thank you...   :-)   



Wink said...

Hey S. - Thanks for the shout-out! I didnt have a migraine but there was a window when I didnt have any meds in case I got one! Phew...I now have the meds in hand!

Mom to the Lindenmuth Boys said...

WOW! You were pumped this morning!

Bahama Mama said...

Great Thursday!!! Yes you were pumped up!!! Thanks peeps for good grub, keep it coming, my DH thanks you!!!