Sunday, January 27, 2008

TWITTER !!!!!!!!

I found something new for the blog peeps !!!!  It's called TWITTER !!!! You can instant  ( AND I mean instant) updates that gets sent to your blog ASAP.   You do it via text messages.  So if your out and about you can have it changed to represent what your doing at any given moment.  

So look over to the right hand side of my blog....see the new little thing I added that says TWITTER ?  Well that's it.....all the cool blog kids are doing it.....!!!!!!!!  

How fun is that ?  So get on....why are you still reading this ?  


3boysmom said...

Okay...thanks for the were the lines at the most hellish place on earth???....what did you order at Subway?...and, most importantly, how was your nap????

Java Mom said...

hahahahaha I don't think I will use it for that many details again...hahahaha just something fun.....hahaha

nap good on this rainy day...I'm trying to sleep away winter weather depression !!!!! Want to join me ?

3boysmom said...

I actually napped myself today! I think tooooo much shrimp & did me in!!!

Mom to the Lindenmuth Boys said...

I braved the worst place on earth today to to attempt grocery shopping, too. Never, ever again! Everyone says it's so much cheaper but I don't feel that it was and it was CERTAINLY not worth all of the aggravation!! I think that I'm going to boycot!!