Sunday, January 06, 2008 packed a punch !

The winter storm blast of 08....really packed a punch. I even got to come home from work on Friday due to the electricity going out at work.  The freeways on I-80 were INSANE and really scary to me. It came into town on Thursday night and I laid in bed praying that the big trees in our neighborhood would not come crashing down onto our prayer was answered about that but the fence in the backyard did come down in spots and took the orange tree out.....the fence is like 50 years old so it was time for a new one anyway.  Rob and the neighbor had been rigging it for years to avoid putting a new one one point the neighbor wanted to put a brick wall the whole way down...not even the red brick's...but the gray ones....YIKES !!!!!  

Rob will have another little project to do......but my man loves to putz, build and be one with nature in the backyard so I don't think he will mind it to much !!!!! 

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