Sunday, February 10, 2008

Can you relate ?

I found this on one of the photography blogs I read.  I can soooo relate to this ?  It's like I'm so busy and onto the next event during the day that the only time I have to update is at's crazy.  The new job is really helping my schedule get back to normal though !  It's a good thing in many ways !   

I also want to hear about YOU and how your life is going ?  So get a blog, Twitter, Flickr and join the revolution.  I have a MySpace....but I honestly hate it.  It takes to long to load, I hate the ad's on there and all the MySpace drama.  So Blogging is my love....So DO IT !!! GET ONE ! 

I'm also a total Flickr addict right now !!!!  The new camera is so fun and I used my Bunco Birthday Money to buy a new lens, flash, camera bag and remote.  OKAY so birthday bunco money didn't go that far....but my bank account made up for the difference !!  My new lens should be in next week and I can't WAIT to use it !!! It's a Nikon 50 mm.  Should be fun !   

Thanks for checking in !!!!  I did get to watch Baby Kendall yesterday for a few hours....and OF COURSE I took photos of the little angel.....Check out Flickr for Baby Kendall fun !! She's going to be TWO you know !!!!!!  

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Anonymous said...

a 50mm? lucky ducky! Can't wait to see the magic you perform with that little goodie. I'm glad to hear that the new job is getting your schedule back on track. Good things, well deserved, for you.