Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tremendous Tuesday !!!!

Well what a great Tuesday it was !  I got my hair done with Kitty !! I love sitting there, letting the weave process , under the warm spotlight lights , sitting in the air chair and then getting my hair washed !!!!    It's heaven !!!!!   The last 2 times I have been there, Kitty has had real cat issues.  Last time one of the new baby kitties had fishing line wrapped around it's paw....INSTANT DRAMA......Luckily they got it off !!!!  Today one of her kitties that just got fixed had something "hanging" out of it's insicision....OMG.....I really had to FOCUS not passing out with that one !!!  

Other than that...life is good...how about you ?   

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Roberta/SAHMmie said...

You have a weave?? Or does that mean something else! I love getting my hair done too, except I look like an alien, with all the papers on my head for the highlights! And poor kitties - hope they're doing better!