Sunday, February 24, 2008


So Lexi and I tried to take Bella to Petco for her shots. Yeah, we are a bit behind the time frame for doing this but better late than never. We are the 3rd people to get in there for the shot clinic at 10AM sharp. Bella is FREAKING out. Whining, whimpering, crying, barking and howling. I tried every single trick in the book to get her to quiet down. I had her in a shopping cart with her towel down on there. She was trying to her best to get out and I had a choke hold on her collar. I have never seen a dog flip out so bad. I reached deep, deep down and tried to "channel" Ceasar Milan and his bag of tricks. She was flipped. Everyone was starring at Lexi and I. I felt like I had a toddler with me who was having the worst meltdown ever. 

I finally wrapped her in the towel, with her face covered and we left. NO SHOTS !!!!!!  We left in shame and humiliation !!!! LOL  

I'm going to just have to take her to the local vet.........oh was a total experience and I never want to re-live it again. So a few things on my to do list for Bella:

1) get her shots

2) get her fixed

3) sign her up for training

WHEW !!!!


Roberta/SAHMmie said...

Poor Bella! Makes you wonder what happened to her in her early life to make her so scared. Hey, all our dogs have their "issues" - we just have to learn to deal with them. Training is always good - for me, it helped me get to know my dogs better! I can tell by the look on his face when Jake is looking for trouble! Mira is harder to read, but then I haven't had her since she was a puppy. Sarah says she has a "Rottweiler face" - unreadable! Whatever happens, Bella is one lucky dog to have landed in your home!

Bahama Mama said...

I can understand Steph, our dog Ginger is definately a spirited dog! She growls and snaps at anyone close to her when we take her out in public. They are just like kids though and you can't give up on them!! Take her to Dr. Timm, she may love him!!!

A year in the life... said...
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A year in the life... said...

Quite possibly Bella is a much smarter dog than you anticipated. Perhaps she heard you say "Shots" or maybe she read the sign outside of Petco and knew what she was in for. Next time, bring a bottle of rum and a shot glass. She'll be more inclined to think it's party time that way. I'm sorry you had such an awful experience with the four-legged sweetheart. I agree with the previous comment--she is lucky to have landed in your home. Oh, and next time you channel Cesar--count me in--and I don't even had a dog. ruff ruff grrrrrrr nummy!