Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rainy Sunday

Hey where did the sun and spring go ? It's just not right to have the rain back again !

I was trying to upload a photo of the girl scout cookies that have come in .(Edit: Yeah I got it on) If you have ordered cookies from us THANK YOU ! We will be delivering them in the next few days. We are supposed to do site sales at our local grocery store but the rain is going to have to stop in order to get out there !!! LOL

So what else is going on. Basketball is going great for Wolfie and Lexi. The games are lots of fun. Rob almost loses his voice at Lexi's games from "instructing" the girls so they can hear him in between all the whistles, other teams playing and our girls not hearing him !! LOL He's drinking hot tea now to sooth his voice so he can still rOCK the praise band singing on Sunday mornings.

Work is great. It was a great move for me and even though we are UBER busy I love it.

I'm taking off to L.A. for a night in a few weeks. Going to do some GIRLIE bonding time with Tam, Kendall, Lexi and myself. Going to hit some Alley love, American Girl Place, Pinkberry, The GROVE and whatever other trouble we can find ! Any requests for purchases from the Alley will be taking in the next week !!! Seatbelt bags, Tiffany, colored contact lens, Watches, Turtles......whatever you want....we can get !!! LOL I'm not looking forward to the smell of the you need a mental description of what it smells like ? Nah I'm sure you can figure it out !!

Okay my lovely blog readers......American Idol is in full force and it should be great this season. I'm rooting for the Aussie dude....I think he can pull it off....looks...voice...yeah he will do !!!

So in the words of Randy Jackson...keep it real blog readers !!!! Peace out......

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