Saturday, February 02, 2008

Welcome to Sumpin Saturday

The R family is really being put to the challenge for 10 weeks straight.  Lexi's basketball games are all at 8am for 10 weeks straight......WOW !!!!  Wish us luck with this one !!!!!    

We have basketball today.  We are going to go and watch Josh's game also.  It's a division of 4 & 5 year olds.  Should make for some great D80 photos !!!! 

I'm also really excited to be a 4rd shooter at a "Grease is the Word" sock hop birthday party tonight.  It's a 13th birthday party for 3 friends of Wolfie's.   It's a costume party and should make for some wonderful photos !!!! 

Hope you all have a Sumpin Saturday........ 


Shaun said...

You have a great Saturday too Steph :)

Bahama Mama said...

Saw Carlene this morning and she looked like she already partied all night!!!! She was up late decorating but said it looks great!! Have fun and I look forward to seeing some great 50's photos!!