Thursday, March 06, 2008

Country Roads......

Fly me home.....
Fly me home.....,
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Take me back to the Santee Alleys, Pinkberry Yogurt, The Grove, Venice Beach, Farmers Daughter Hotel and other "Laugh till your bladder just can't hold no more" moments !!!!

Tam, BK, Lexi and myself are leaving tomorrow for a fun filled TWO nights in the city of angels. The last time Tam and I were in L.A. there were times I could hardly drive on the freeway , we were laughing so hard, eyes filled up with laughter tears and the GPS lady (We called her HELEN) was just rambling away. Helen hold up girl ! and let the humor die down and then please direct us to the ever so familier smell of the Santee Alleys. Do you need a visual here people ? LOL

I will be taking my D80 and trying to get some cool shots of the various strange things you can buy in the alley's. I will also be live "Twittering" for anyone who wants to keep minute by minute tabs and needs to know where I might be any any moment !

I didn't live blog the American Idol Girls last night.....but......who was your favorite ?

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