Saturday, March 08, 2008

Live Blogging From L.A.

I'm sitting here with Lexi at the Farmers Daughter Hotel L.A.   Tam and BK are still snoozing !They have a Mac in the lobby that anyone can use.  HEAVEN !!!!    We just had to get up and find some breakfast ! Lexi loves to eat the second she wakes up.   This hotel is edgy and urban.   We went to L.A. Ink yesterday but Kat was in New York but the skate ramp is just like they show on the television.  We also went to the Alleys and did a little shopping and finished our dat at the Grove, American Girl Place for shopping and dinner.  We then walked all around and finished our night at Pinkberry !!!   

As we were falling asleep , while Kendall was WOUND up running around in the dark of the hotel room, Lexi said to me "Mama I love L.A. "  


3boysmom said...'ve created a monster :-)

Bahama Mama said...

Why wouldn't a girl love to shop, eat, sleep and shop some more??!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you guys are having a blast! tell lexi i love la too! have fun and say hi to shan and mr. e if you get over that way!


shannon said...

i think you should all move down here!! ;-)